Himalaya Music Fountain


32-Meter Musical Fountain Equipment Completed Production

Recently, the 32-meter musical fountain project designed and produced by Changsha Himalaya Musical Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. has been fully completed and is ready to be shipped to Turkmenistan. The design length of this musical fountain is 32 meters, with a designed spray height of 8-10 meters. The overall length and height of the musical fountain match perfectly, showcasing the majestic grandeur of the musical fountain from any angle.

musical fountain equipment
musical fountain equipment

This 32-meter musical fountain utilizes 32 independent water pumps, each supporting single-point single-pump control. This advanced water supply method allows each water pump to perform independently, creating various water spray patterns. The musical fountain adopts the advanced musical fountain control system from Germany’s Syncronorm, which can adjust the height of water flow and changes in lighting in real-time according to the different rhythms and melodies of the music, providing the audience with an immersive sensory experience. At the same time, each nozzle of the musical fountain is equipped with a 36W DMX512 LED underwater color light. The lighting can change colors based on the fluctuations in the music, creating a visually stunning and layered effect.

Changsha Himalaya Musical Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. has always used high-quality, durable engineering materials. All pipes and water pumps are made of 314 stainless steel to ensure stable operation in various weather conditions, providing long-lasting durability and maximizing the value of the product for customers.

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