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Himalaya Music Fountain control cabinet
Himalaya Music Fountain control cabinet

Fountain Cabinet Design And Assembly

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Most Music Fountain Equipment will have to be frequently switched on and off, or with frequent speed Variation to synchronize music rythm and melody, consequently,

---  Fountain cabinet needs to be with instant response, so as to 'catch' music; 

--- As little heat as possible shall be generated, and the appliances shall be with good heat-emitting capablity;

--- Thermo protection, specially for music foutain motors, is a must; 

--- Internation Brands like 'ABB', ‘Schneider' ,'Siemens' shall be used, so that appliances can be available locally for maintenance. 

Himalaya accumulated 15 years' experience for fountain-control design and assembly.  We offer world-class equipment and the most reasonable selection, with the best possible prices.