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music fountain submersible fountain
stainless steel fountain pump for dancing water show
music fountain submersible fountain
stainless steel fountain pump for dancing water show

Music Fountain Submersible Pump

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QSP fountain submersible pump is a product newly developed on the basis of QS submersible pump,and is widely used in gardens,city squares,entertainment venues and other fountain projects,it has the following features.

1. Electric motor, water pump and fountain facilities are integrated together to work underwater;
2. High-tech materials are used to improve the corrosion resistance of the motor;
3. Special materials are used to prevent loosing of impeller in reversing;
4. To realize leakage protection ,the constant potential grounding device is adopted;
5. On the basis of common pump,and according to the requirements of fountain submersible pumps,the company has conducted many experiments,to make improvements in technology and processing materials,to make realize frequent starting of the fountain submersible pump and completely suitable for the use of music fountain;
6. Stainless steel pump boiler net cover and three phase four wire and cable are adopted;
7. High power fountain submersible pump can take the horizontal position.
QSP fountain submersible adopts small submersible pump standard:GB/T25409-2010

Conditions of use
1. Power supply:three-phase AC power supply with frequency 50Hz, voltage 380V(allowable deviation +5% to -10%).
2. The pumps should be placed into water safely, and be completely submerged.
3. Power supply:generally none corrosive water that has a sediment concentration of not more than 0.02%, PH value of 6.5-8.5, and the water temperature of not higher than 40℃.

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