Adjustable Current Nozzle


Adjustable Current Nozzle


Adjustable current Nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel. They are widely used in fountain pools in various occasions and are also necessary nozzles for musical fountains. The adjustable current Nozzle is a versatile one; the direction can be adjusted, both vertically and horizontally. In combination with height control from water pressure and investors, adjustable current nozzle fountain products in groups can be made into various patterns in the music fountain.

Fountain is an indispensable and important landscape in the city. It can effectively combine the natural landscape with the fountain waterscape, so the spraying effect of the fountain is very important. The spraying effect of the fountain is closely related to the nozzle of the fountain, and the nozzle of the fountain directly determines the spraying


Model No.WorkingPressure(kpa)Flow(m³/h)Spray Height(m)MaterialAdjustable Water Patterns
DN1515-650.3-1.51.0-4.0304Stainless SteelCrown, Fan, Obelisk, Arch, Flower
DN2015-801.0-3.01.0-5.0304Stainless Steel
DN2550-1002.0-4.03.0-6.0304Stainless Steel
DN4050-1503.0-6.03.0-7.0304Stainless Steel
DN5050-2005.0-8.03.0-8.0304Stainless Steel
DN6570-25010.0-25.03.5-15.0304Stainless Steel
DN8070-33010.0-40.03.5-20.0304Stainless Steel
DN10080-40010.0-60.03.5-25.0304Stainless Steel