Be Careful Of The Outdoor Square Water Fountains

In summer days, interactive water fountains can be seen everywhere on the square, owing to the advantages of low risk of drowning or electric shock, these square fountains soon become to be the popular entertainment in Summer.

Most of these outdoor square fountains are using cycling water without filter system, which might breed many bacteria and algae, even some cockroaches and eggs of worms. If children touched the water, it may cause bacteria infection or skin diseases. A new report from the CDC documented an outbreak of intestinal illness related to interactive fountains in Daytona Beach Park, Florida, last summer. American epidemiologist M.D. Valerie Garrett describes fountains as “unregulated open-air facilities.”

Being fond of playing with water is the nature of kids, the guardians must ensure to keep the kids away from the fountains, do not let the fountains be the invisible “killer” of the children safety.