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Advantages of Himalaya Fountain Products

  1. All fountains are made to order and can be supplied in any size. Himalaya Fountain has its self developed fountain control system, can provide fountains with three different functions: musical fountain, PLC programmed fountain and manual-control fountain.
  2. Fountain material consideration of professional equipment, nozzle custom thickening, water pump fountain special pump, additional sand filter, to avoid debris blocking nozzle. The control system is assembled by imported components.
  3. Each part of the fountain can be controlled independently, according to the need to open any group of water shape or several groups of water shape, can also prepare a simple, general, rich variety of performance library, according to the peacetime or holidays, activities and celebrations of different needs to choose different fountain performance, can greatly save the operation cost.
  4. Our company in the design of fountain nozzle flow and nozzle number are accurate calculation, reasonable configuration of water pump, and strive to do not waste a drop of water, once electricity, and can spray the best water shape effect, make the operation cost to the minimum.

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