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How to Make a Dancing Musical Fountain?

1. Customized Design for Music Fountain

Design the fountain and make the fountain design drawing, fountain layout drawing, civil construction schematic diagram and other related drawings by providing relevant site drawings and fountain water sample requirements.

2. Fountain Pipe Production

Pipe bending, pipe welding, according to the civil construction of the pipeline site laying, water pump positioning, nozzle installation, and other processes to make music fountain.

3. Hydraulic Calculation and Nozzle Production

Make hydraulic calculation according to customers’ requirements on fountain height and water type, design slope and inlet and outlet diameter of sprinkler head, and manufacture and assemble fountain nozzles.

4. Hydraulic Calculation and Water Pump Configuration

Calculate pump height and head according to customer requirements and site conditions, and configure appropriate type of water pump.

5. Design And Support Of Sound System

6. Fountain Programming

After the production of goods is completed and transported to the site. Himalaya Music Fountain will send technicians to guide the installation. And make software programming, music arrangement.

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