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Musical Fountain Equipment – Fire Spray Fountain

Water is a traditional medium of fountain spray in the past, with the development of science and technology and the changes of people’s traditional ideas, we are thinking in more creative, innovative and imaginative ways nowadays. Water feature and fountain designers introduced fire into the waterscape fountain design, which formed a unique landscape of fire and water.

Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Corporation developed a set of fire fountain control system on their own, the system is mainly made up of three parts: fountain control system, fountain pipeline and fire spray device.

Cautions for Installation:

(1) Seamless steel pipe is generally used to connect the fire fountain system, gas tank, E-stop valve and pressure relief valve, and pressure test must be carried out after completion of connection to ensure safety. In particular, pay attention to the size of the pipeline connected to the fountain system. Pipe with an inner diameter of 25mm should be used. The rest of the pipe can be smaller according to the site conditions.

(2) The layout of connecting pipes should be reasonable and beautiful as far as possible according to the site situation; especially the pipes connected to the pool must be concealed and considered as included in the early embedded bottom of the pool to reflect the beauty.

Fountain Control System

There are two horizontal rows of buttons on the panel, and the vertical rows correspond to each fire fountain system. The upper row is the start button, the lower row is click the fire spout button, press the upper row button during operation, and click the lower row to spout fire. There are two key jacks on the panel; one is an open box lock. The emergency close button is used.

Cautions for Operation

(1) The continuous fire spraying time of the fire fountain should not be too long, not more than 5S.

(2) The water spring around the fire fountain should not be opened in the process of working, so as not to cause water into the fire fountain nozzle.

(3) E-stop switch is controlled by the safety switch on the control box. In case of emergency, press the safety button on the panel (it will not be lifted), e-stop will be closed automatically, and the device will be locked and cannot work. After removing the danger, insert the key into the emergency button and rotate it to the right. The button will automatically spring up.

(4) The continuous working time of the fire fountain ignition device should not exceed 10min, and it should be strictly observed in manual mode and DMX mode.

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