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Water Screen Fountain for 3D Projection

Movies are very familiar to everyone in daily life; 3D water screen movie became to be the latest modern and attractive film form after the 3D film and panoramic film. Water screen movie is to project the video content on the special-made large water curtain through laser, film machine or projector machine. At present, many places in China have set up laser water screen movies to attract visitors.

1. Development time of water screen films at home and abroad

Water screen film is a new type of film with water as the medium and images on the water screen through various projection equipment. According to known information, Japan in 1985 in Tsukuba International Science and Technology exhibition in Japan, France in 1991 in China’s Beijing amusement park staged the program, and China’s water screen film was the earliest time of development in 1992.

2. Introduction to the formation of water screen film

Now commonly used by the water screen generator at home and abroad are the transmission header by high pressure pumps and specially made water curtain, high speed spray the water from the bottom up, make water atomization, forming a beautiful fan “screen”, images are the “screen” after atomization, as the audience after watching imaging, will find that the fan water curtain and the nature of the night sky, When the characters come in and out of the picture, they seem to rise to the sky or fall from the sky, creating a sense of emptiness and dreaminess.

Water curtain movies are generally built in places with water sources, such as rivers, lakes, rivers or artificial large pools and dry land.

Now the water screen film projection equipment has film projector equipment (film machine), laser performance equipment, digital multimedia projector equipment, large slide projector equipment, etc.

3. Imaging technology

Water curtain imaging pictures, generally choose more special scenes, such as water, fire, lightning and objects in water, it is best to plot with water, fire related pictures.

4. Water screen film equipment

(1) Water curtain generator

(2) Digital projector parameters

(3) Laser

(4) Water curtain film, audience viewing distance

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