Himalaya Music Fountain


Chennai Gruji Temple Lotus Shape Music Dancing Water Fountain, India

Fountain Location : Astana,Kazakhstan
Fountain Size : Two groups of 75*20M pond

Fountain Features and description

Guruji’s Mandir Music Fountain was constructed in 2018 by Himalaya Fountain Company. The fountain features a lotus design with a diameter of 45 meters. It comprises a total of 7 sets of fountain water patterns, consisting of 1041 nozzle sets, and has a design power of 304KW.

The lotus design of the Guruji’s Mandir Music Fountain consists of multiple layers of petals radiating outward from the center. The music fountain achieves this sense of layers through various water levels and nozzles. Each layer of petals can showcase water jets of different heights, creating a three-dimensional and layered effect. Each fountain nozzle is equipped with an LED underwater light that changes colors according to the rhythm of the music, creating a vibrant and colorful spectacle.

The lotus symbolizes purity, beauty, hope, and rebirth. Himalaya Fountain Company has incorporated this symbolism into the music fountain, not only creating a beautiful landscape but also conveying a deep emotional and meaningful message.

Holy lotus shape music fountain in front of the sacred Geruji Temple in Chennai, Tens of thousand pilgrims come and watch this water show every year.

Fountain Installation

Fountain Effect

Chennai Gruji Temple Lotus Shape Music Dancing Water Fountain India2
Chennai Gruji Temple Lotus Shape Music Dancing Water Fountain India
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