China’s Top 10 Beautiful Musical Fountains Zhaoqing Paifang Square Music Fountain

Paifang Square Music Fountain is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Zhaoqing city, I believe everyone who has visited Zhaoqing must have watched the musical fountain show as well. The old dancing fountain was put into use in 1994, and being appraised as the No.1 musical fountain in China at that time.

In 2010, the local government rebuilt the music fountain with a total investment of USD 900,000, the new fountain was highly praised by almost every audience who had watched the show, it was even thought to be more beautiful than the fireworks show.The new musical fountain is a large floating music fountain for lake, the floating system is 135 meters long and 10 meters wide,the central high jet fountain is 108 meters high. The music fountain is curved in design, which echoes the curved waterfront of the square. There are hundreds of combinations of the water and lighting effects during the fountain show, its varied, dreamlike and colorful effects are the best in Asia.