China’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Musical Fountain The Liuzhou Music Fountain

No.10 Liuzhou music fountain

The Liuzhou Music Fountain is located on the North shore between Liujiang Bridge and Wenhui Bridge in Liuzhou city, in the most classic section of the Liujiang River. The whole music fountain is 315 meters long, 40 meters wide, with 832 sets of nozzles.

When the fountain starts spraying, the nozzle floatson the river, and the water feature is as high as 100 meters. When the fountain is not spraying, the nozzle dives into the water depth of 2 meters, using the lifting and floating design, will not affect the river landscape during the brightday.

The water stage and water fountain enhance each other’s beauty, creating a beautiful landscape in the city. Liuzhou Music Fountain is the largest floating water fountain on a river in the world, surpassing Dubai Fountain in Arabia and Las Vegas Fountain in the United States.