China’s Top Most Beautiful Muscial Dancing Fountains The Chaozhou Muscial Fountains & Water Screen Movie

TheChaozhou Music Fountain is currently the largest musical fountain in eastern Guangdong China. It not only has colorful fountains that are varied and dance with music, but also has two huge display screens, allowing tourists to watch TV entertainment programs.There are wonderful and exciting water curtain movies, It is very colorful and very popular with the audience.

The water curtain film consists of three parts: water curtain pipeline engineering, laser show system and projector. The water curtain film is in the shape of a giant fan, 12 meters long and 6 meters wide, and is formed by the water mist sprayed from the bottom to the top. When I visited the scene, I saw water mist spraying out from one place in the pool. The area of the water mist was very large, and the camera could not get close to it. The movie was projected on the water mist to form this effect.

For the best viewing effect , the watching distance is between 40-50 meters when we watching the water screen movie.