How To Make A Water Fountain Spout Powered By Voice

Voice activated fountain is also called as“Shout Fountain” or“Yell Fountain”, it is a kind of new entertainment fountain equipment that to control the fountain spray height and duration by voice. Voice-control fountain is able to be installed as an independent water feature, it is also possible to be installed at the central of a musical fountain, with both functions as a central high jet fountain and a voice-control shout fountain. Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Company has been specialized in fountain designing, fountain manufacturing and fountain installing for many years, we have rich experiences in this field and we know fountains very well. Bellowing are some points we need to pay attention to during construction and installation of voice controlled shout fountain:

1. The installation position of the shout fountain equipment should be a hardened and flat concrete ground, so as to effectively fix the fountain flow stabilization equipment. And the depth of water needs to reach to at least above 70-100 cm.

2. All electronic components parts of control cabinet must meet international standard.

3. Microphone, console and other related equipment of shout fountain should meet international standards so as to ensure the quality. If the electric control cabinet is placed outdoors, stainless steel double layer is required to prevent rain.

4. For the purpose of good looking, we often choose some customized shape to decorate the microphone, horn-shape housing or scenic spot markers housing are often being used.

5. If it is not possible to make a concrete foundation in the lake when install a shout fountain, we need to make a rectangular floating support for fountain equipment installation.