Large Music Fountain And Laser Show, Mongolia

In the end of year 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out rapidly, we have to wear masks and stay at home.
Although it’s difficult to have face to face meeting with clients, but we still insist to develop customers through e-mails, phone calls and on-line video calls. All our efforts leaded to a reward, finally we successfully signed the Mongolia Music Fountain Project with Environment Sanitation Burean of Ulaanbaatar through providing them with excellent fountain design and reasonable quotation.

During this special period, the shipping line began to recover gradually, it’s still difficult for our people going abroad for site installation. In spite of this hard time, the first overseas musical fountain of this year was officially open in Mongolia finally, the whole installation process were guided by the Himalaya engineering team step by step through online communication.

Large Music Fountain And Laser Show Mongolia3
Large Music Fountain And Laser Show Mongolia1
Large Music Fountain And Laser Show Mongolia