Most Beautiful Musical Dancing Fountain Profile—-The SHENZHEN SEA WORLD Music Fountains

Shenzhen sea world music fountain is 30 million by China merchants property investment, reveal the land of the shenzhen local tyrants treasure land, and only such a dance every day beside the Minghua ship extremely luxurious music fountain can dance in Shenzhen Shekou sea world, Shenzhen sea world music fountain in the night like a shining pearl of the world, sea water dancing with laser, The symphony of music and fountain, the unique water and fire, the changes of light and shadow, will bring an audio-visual feast to all who stop to watch!

With the ups and downs of music, the water pattern, sound, light and picture change accordingly. Sometimes it is intoned, sometimes it is elegant and smart, and sometimes it bursts into the air. Using accurate and high-end technology, the Sea World water show is as elegant and beautiful as a dance. In order to make the tourists in the square can watch the water show anywhere, China Merchants Real Estate carefully arranged the water show landscape along the waterfront in an S-shaped expansion, step by step, different scenery. Because of the grandeur of the fountain, the audience can not only see it up close, but also feel its shock from a distance. What’s more, the magnificent water show will be open to the public at 19:00, 20:00, every Sunday to Thursday, and 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, every Friday and Saturday, free of charge, highlighting the inclusiveness, ease and elegance of the sea World.