Music Fountain Equipment Design and Application of Dandelion Nozzle

We often use a “giant” nozzle – dandelion fountain nozzle-in square courtyard and super large fountain design. The dandelion nozzle is made up of many small pipes and a spherical nozzle, like a blooming dandelion when spraying water, so it is named as dandelion fountain. Because of large nozzle and a lot of branch pipes, the effect of spray is magnificent, if match with the lighting will be better dazzling.

Water flow of dandelion fountain is very large, with strong windproof effect. So dandelion fountain is commonly applied in outdoor fountains. And it also can be a separate scene to be installed at hotels, CBD or mini squares. Little dandelion fountain can be also used as a single water type of a group of fountains, suitable for all musical fountain combinations.