Himalaya Music Fountain


Musical Fountain Installation and Construction-Fountain Pipeline Installation

When the music fountain manufacturer carries out the construction of the fountain, the pipeline construction occupies most of the installation time. The pipeline construction method is different according to the fountain model. Generally speaking, the small fountain directly lays the pipeline in the trench to reduce the civil construction cost. Large dry deck fountain will cut out a pool underground to place the pipework and other fountain equipment, which is also convenient for fountain installation and maintenance.

In order to obtain steadier water flow when laying the music fountain pipeline, the fountain pipeline mostly uses the annular cross water supply, the fountain water inlet pipe and the city water supply pipe is connected, need to set the water- level monitor device at the water inlet, so that the pipeline system able to timely supplement the water loss of the music fountain, to avoid damages of the fountain pump. The overflow of the music fountain pipeline is connected with the dry fountain return ditch, the return ditch should be set up outside the sewage barrier grate to prevent rubbish from getting into the pool.

Music fountain pipe is divided into stainless steel 304 pipe and galvanized pipe, stainless steel 304 fountain pipe has a service life of about 15-20 years, galvanized pipe fountain pipe gets a service life of around 8-10 years. At present, most of the music fountains on the market use 304 stainless steel pipeline, which is beautiful and can ensure the service life of the fountain.

Musical Fountain Installation and Construction Fountain Pipeline Installation1
Musical Fountain Installation and Construction Fountain Pipeline Installation2
Musical Fountain Installation and Construction Fountain Pipeline Installation