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Fountain Control & Software


Programmed Fountain Control Equipment

Programmed Fountain Control Equipment Home Programmable Equipment for Fountain Control Transform your Water Dance with Programmed Perfection Contact Us Description The control system of the programmable fountain uses a timing routine to control the change of water patterns. The pumps can be either controlled by switches or by variable frequency drive. When there are color …

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musical fountain controller

Music Fountain Control System

Music Fountain Control System Previous Next Musical Fountain Control System To Make your Audience’s Musical Fountain Experience Memorable Contact Us Description The Music Fountain employs a kind of on-spot industrial control system that incorporates the latest advanced scientific technologies prevailing around the world, including music control, programmable control and intelligent control technologies. The master control …

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Fountain Control Panels3

Fountain Control Panels

Fountain Control Panels Previous Next Fountain Control Panels Developed By Himalaya Music Fountain To Explore Fountain Control Panels for Every Vision Contact Us Description Himalaya music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier developed their own control system software for interactive fountain, including 1. Easy-to-use Fountain control software, for programming and also for play; 2. Himalaya …

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Syncronorm Control2

Syncronorm Control Software

Syncronorm Control Software Home Previous Next Syncronorm Control Software For Water Show To unlock syncronorm, every water show’s secret weapon Contact Us Description Syncronorm Fountain Software for water show is widely used. Himalaya Music fountain company and fountain equipment supplier has got their ultimate license. and all our fountain products support their protocol. The best …

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Fountain Cabinet Design

Fountain Cabinet Design and Assembly

Fountain Cabinet Fountain Cabinet Design And Assembly Contact Us Description Most Music Fountain Equipment will have to be frequently switched on and off, or with frequent speed Variation to synchronize music rythm and melody, consequently, — Fountain cabinet needs to be with instant response, so as to ‘catch’ music; — As little heat as possible …

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