Dishui Lake Water Screen Projection Laser Show


Water Screen Movie and Laser Show mainly consists of three parts as following:

Water Screen Generator
Water Screen Generator creates huge fan-shaped water-screen, which goes to 40-80meters long. In combination with with laser generator and projector, people canget magnificent colored photos, words or movies.

Water Screen Movie
Water Screen Movie System consists of water screen generator and projector. The water screen is usually 20-meter high and 30-50 meters long. Various kinds of vedio-disks can be displayed on water screen. At night time, the screen will melt into the darkness, and the characters in movie look as if they fly from the sky or group up from under the water onto water-screen, which is very attractive, interesting and mysterious.

Laser Show
Laser System is made up of Laser generator, Laser Power, Laser control and Laser water treatment device. And Multi-media computer, High-speed control system and full-color laser movies play the role of control system. The movies, words, photos are programmed with computer to accompany the rhythm. When laser is projected onto the water screen, tiny water drops scatter laser and make the whole water screen painted with marvelous colors.