Programmed Fountain Control Equipment


The control system of the programmable fountain uses the timing routine to control the change of water patterns. The pumps can be either controlled by switches or by variable frequency drive. When there are color lights to illuminate the water, that’s the so-called “Colored Programmable Fountain”. Programmable Fountain is a kind of fountain with pre-set programs to control the water spray shape changing and LED lighting changing, the programs are editable and modifiable, it can store a variety of programs for choice. The advantage of program fountain is that the fountain cost is modest and the programs are various. The program of combinations of water shape and lighting change are pre-prgrammed through PLC programming, when it is being running, the program converts to signals to control the fountain pump, digital control valves, fountain lights and other components, to achieve the colorful LED lighting effect. It is with characteristics of fixed programs and precise control.