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Stainless Steel Fountain Light

Stainless Steel Water Fountain Light

To make fountains the spotlight of your space


Underwater fountain light is a specialized light fixture designed to illuminate fountains or water features located in pools, ponds, or other bodies of water. These lights are specifically designed to be submersible, allowing them to function safely and effectively underwater

Underwater fountain lights come in various forms and designs, but they typically consist of a durable waterproof housing that houses the light source and electrical components. The housing of our fountain lights is made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance that can withstand the corrosive effects of water and exposure to the elements.

the modern stainless steel water


Rated PowerVoltageLamp bead amountDimensionWeightColorWaterproof
15WAC/DC24V5Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
18WAC/DC24V6Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
21WAC/DC24V7Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
24WAC/DC24V8Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
27WAC/DC24V9Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
30WAC/DC24V10Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
33WAC/DC24V11Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
36WAC/DC24V12Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68
54WAC/DC24V18Φ200*803kgDMX ControlIP68