Structure Of Graphical Waterfall Fountain Digital Water Curtain


Graphical Waterfall Fountain Digital Water Curtain mainly consists of 6 parts as below:

1. Solenoid Valves & Nozzles
The standard water curtain has got 56 valves every meter, through high-frequency opening and closing of solenoid valves, the water droplets fall continuously or discontinuously to form all sorts of images.

2. RGB LED Lamps
Himalaya high brightness lamps with DMX 512 control, is easy to install and maintain, having a longer using life with IP68 waterproof grade.

3. Water Pumps
The pump system is to pump water from river into the large water storage tank, then transfer to the branch water channels to supply water for nozzles. Himlaya is experienced in water-filtration and organism-removing.

4. Control PCB
Solenoid valves connect to the control system MCU, each board controls 32 pcs of valves to open and close, make the water falls to display different patterns.

5. Control Cabinet
Pump cable, LED lamp cable and curtain power cable are connected to the Himalaya customized control cabinet, and transfer signals to the computer, people can set various words, images or logos on the computer to control water fall as per the settings. It can also be controlled remotely by mobile phone.

6. Water Tank
Water tank is to store water for the water curtain, providing clear water source for nozzles, needs to be cleanned regularly.

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