The Matters Needing Attention In The Construction Of Music Fountain

When we are constructing a musical fountain, there are some points needed to pay attention to:

1. The pipe chamber should be cleaned before installation, the main pipe should be horizontal, the riser should be vertical and fixed in the main line, rust and welding slag should be removed before the pipeline is brushed with antirust paint, and the installation of the water pump should be firm and stable.

2. Lighting installation: positioning of lamps, making and installing lamp clips, fixing lamps.

3. Cable laying and waterproof connection: Cables of pump and lamp should be routed according to regulations to reduce underwater joints. Cables should be connected (heat-shrinkable tube is waterproof), and the cables should be penetrated into the cable pipe centrally. Cables should be glued close to the horn mouth, pump and lamp cables should be numbered as per the drawings. The cable tube can be laid along the cable ditch to the control room and entered into the fountain control cabinet through the cable tray.

A. The water pumps, valves and fountain lights should be tested before installation, to ensure the intact insulation of the pump, the resistance is measured with a shaking meter, and the resistance value should be higher than 50 meohm.

B. The wire of the fountain lamps must use waterproof cable, and the joint should be waterproof according to the prescribed process operation, and the connection must be reliable.

C. Use megohmmeter to test insulation resistance of each circuit, it should be above 5 megohms.

D. Check whether the grounding wire of water pump and lamp is connected.

4. Installation of power distribution control equipment: Control and power distribution equipment should be positioned in the control room according to the drawing, and load equipment should be connected to the corresponding terminals of power distribution equipment according to the cable number.

5. All fountains, background music electrical equipment (including water pumps, fountain lights, fountain control cabinet, computer, control penels, inverters, transformers, water screen generator and laser projector which are with metal cases) have to be grounded at equal potential, equal potential grounding shall conform to the national standard (Construction [1998] No. 1 Equal potential connection installation).

A. The total equipotential connection shall be provided with a total equipotential connection terminal board in the incoming electrical control cabinet to connect the following conductive parts with each other.– PE(PEN) bus of the incoming electric control cabinet — grounding pole of the control room.

B. A local equipotential connecting plate is set in the fountain to connect the following conductive parts with each other. — Metal shells of water pumps and lighting fixtures — metal pipes for water supply, drainage and overflow — main steel bars and metal structures of buildings, including metal brackets for tank grates.

C. All fountains, background music electrical equipment (including fountain control cabinets, computers, control panels, inverters, transformers, water screen generator and laser projector which are with metal cases) should have an auxiliary equipotential connection.

D. The total equipotential connecting plate (ground bar) and the local equipotential terminal plate are made of copper plate. Total equipotential connection line is not less than 0.5X inlet line, inlet PE cross section. The cross section of auxiliary equipotential connecting wire is not less than 4.0mm square copper wire, or the diameter of 8mm round steel or 20*4mm flat steel.

E. The connection between the connecting conductors in the equipotential connection line may be welded or bolted. The lap length of flat steel shall not be less than 2 times of its width and shall be welded on three sides, and the lap length of round steel shall not be less than 6 times of its width and shall be welded on both sides.

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