Top 10 Most Beautiful Musical Dancing Fountains in China Series Guangdong Jieyang Music Fountain Show

Guangdong Jieyang Music Fountain, with an invest of more than 4,600,000 USD dollars, took half a year to complete, is currently the highest and longest river musical fountain in China. The fountain design made a big breakthrough on traditional fountain technology both abroad and domestic, perfectly combined the landscape project with advanced contemporary culture, arts concept and strong local cultural characteristics, which is though to be a delicate and innovative fountain design.

Guangdong Jieyang Music Dancing Fountain has created“China Top 1” in five aspects. The first is the music fountain height being“China top 1”, the main high jet can spray up to 188 meters high, which is the highest fountain in China for now. The second is the float platform area being“China top 1”, the floating system of Jieyang Music Water Fountain was made up of 2 layers with a length of 290m and width of 45m, covered an area of 14,400 square meters in total.

The theme of Jieyang Music Fountain Show is“Lotus on Water”, which consists of three parts“Lotus tells a story”,“Spectacular bloom in the air” and“Singing on the top of tide” . More than 20 water patterns formed a magnificent water landscape together with laser and music.