Top 10 Most Beautiful Musical Dancing Fountains in China Series Heyuan Musical Water Fountain in Guangdong China

Guangdong Heyuan Music Fountain is located in the centre of Xinfeng River between Heyuan bridge and Zhuhe bridge in Heyuan city, Guangdong, China. It is funded by the government of Heyuan city and implemented by the Construction Committee of Heyuan city. The music fountain project was started to construct on October 1st 1998 and completed on February 6th 1999, it became to be the highest music fountain of Asia after completed.

The Asia’s highest music water fountain integrated music, light, water and color, made up of main fountain and sub water fountain. The central main fountain can spray to 169 meters high, like a crystal water column jet directly into the sky, grand and magnificent. The vice dancing music fountain consists of 1068 dancing fountain nozzles and 618 dancing fountain LED lights, which can form tens of water fountain choreograph dancing along with the music, like straight jet fountain, water curtain(fog water screen), chasing fountain(running fountain), bubble fountain, digital water fountain(rotate fountain and swing fountain) etc. All the water patterns and water effects integrated a beautiful fountain show for audiences