Top 10 Most Beautiful Musical Dancing Fountains in China Series Luoyang Musical Fountain

Luoyang music fountain show, the large dancing fountain waterscape project in lake, has got a number of top 1 ranked fountain technologies in the world. It is know as the longest digital control chasing jet water fountain (369 meters) and the largest comprehensive waterscape project (the fountain covers an area of 120,000 square meters) in the world. Luoyang Musical Fountain contains the world’s first high-tech fountain type(magical fountain jet), the world’s most accurate digital-control positioning system(360 degrees of undifferentiated positioning CNC swing) and the world’s longest and highest VFD array.

The Luoyang Music Fountain is designed to be like a peony flower, the dancing fountains are arranged in straight lines and curve lines, which are sometimes crossing and sometimes heading forward hand in hand. The music fountain show consists of 569 nozzles, 8 musical fountain waterscapes, 22,116 pcs of underwater LED lights and 1,407 sets of submersible fountain pumps in total. All the fountain equipment are controlled by 10 sets of computers through the network interconnection technology.

The music fountain has became another beautiful scenery line in Luoyang New Area with its unique audio-visual fountain effects.