Water-screen Movie-Projector Programming and Synchronization


A water-screen is not visible itself during the nighttime, and this characteristic adds to the fun. When a movie with black background is projected onto Water-screen, people don’t see the screen, and feel that Warriors, Fighters, dragons are flying in the sky out of nothing. To enhance the ‘Wow’ effect, Movie content will be elaborately organized and selected, so to speak, about sea-wars, ancient magics, or fairy tales with astonishing images.

For a good water-screen show, precise synchronization is critical. The main techniques lie in the following aspects:

1. Projector Control, including Diming, and shutter, so that projectors will be there only when they are needed;

2. Content inter-lock and synchronization. To achieve relialbe outcome, all procedures shall be pre-pregrammed, and interlocked with SMPTE, ARTNET or MIDI commands. The simplest operation can always give the best effects.

Himalaya Music Fountain developed its own media-player, and it can be used as both Master or Slave to fountain control, with automitical interlocking for show progress.