What Is A Programmed Fountain? | Himalaya Fountain Factory

Program-controlled fountain usually use permutation and combination programs to control lights and water shape. For example, the program-controlled fountain is composed of four water shapes as A/B/C/D. We independently developed the fountain control software can set the program as A-AB-B-BC-C-CD-AC-AD-ABCD and other fixed combinations to perform the fountain. Generally speaking, programmed fountains can not be equipped with music and sound, and can not be synchronized with music.

Program-controlled fountain operation method is very simple, all procedures have been performed with PLC programming, the performance time can also be set at a fixed time by timing switch every day to perform. Program-controlled fountain is with advantages of low cost and do not need a personnel to operate everyday, which is very suitable for the hotel lobby, shopping malls, water parks or individual villas etc.