What‘s The Different About Interactive Fountains Designed By Himalaya Fountains Company

The traditional design of the fountain only simple viewing or spontaneous splashing function, less able to form interaction with the fountain. Therefore, the audience’s visibility and diversity of experience are limited, and the interactive fountain designed by Himalayan Fountain Company is more interesting than the traditional fountain.

The main interactive fountain designed by our company is the dry land fountain, which is called the square fountain.

What makes the interactive fountain designed by Himalayan Music Fountain Equipment company different?

The dry land fountain can hide the pool underground, making it more convenient and safe for people. In summer, the opening of the dry land fountain can lower the temperature, bring a bit of cooling to the surrounding pedestrians, and provide a place for children to play in the water. With the development of technology, many fresh elements can also appear on the dry land fountain, which is not limited to the known opening and closing of the DC water column, it can be combined with voice control, color sculpture combination, the fun is more powerful. The fountain can be divided into several modes, daily normal mode, children’s playful mode, festival carnival mode, which can save costs and realize a variety of fountains.