Yinyue Lake Musical Dancing Fountain At Nanchang Cultural Center Has Entered The Construction Stage

As a supported landscape engineering of the Cultural Center in Nanchang City, the lake musical dancing water fountain project, designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain Company, has entered the installation stage for now.

Now the installation and positioning of fountain pipes have been preliminarily completed, and the whole project has entered the key stage.

Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Co.,ltd., with its intelligence gathered from various countries, is determined to better the enviroment and people’s life with fountain products, the range includes:

Music Fountain Nozzles, with Stainless Steel and Solid Brass as the material Options;
Low-voltage safe LED colored lights, (Aluminium and Stainless Steel);
Music Fountain (With Computer-software control);
Music Fountain (With Pre-programed PLC Control);

Water Screen Movies
Digital Water Curtain;
Man-made water falls;

Water Statues and Water features.

Himalaya products are featured with latest and most advanced technology in this field, which includes:
Simultaneous light control system;
Digital inverter control;
Field-bus computer music fountain control;
From the depth of our hearts, we wish to better people’s life with our products, with our co-operation.